Apple ios 9

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Apples introduced its latest ios 9,it enhances your apps.New multitasking on ipad makes it more effective and productive.Siri is also improved and helps us to get the result even before we ask it to do.And improvement in the foundation system enhance performance,battery life and security.The more you do with ios9,the more you will wonder how you ever did without it.

                                                       It brings enhancements in the essential apps which we use every day like mail,messages,web browsing,maps,making notes and much more. we can now take a photo from within the notes app or you can access the photo library and add an existing photo or video to a note.

Coming to Maps we can see public transport as our guide.In selected cities around the world a new transport view shows us a line and stations for the metro buses,trains, on the map.When we plan a route, every step of us is directed by the Map.


keeping the devices with Apple ID is essential to protect our personal information like photos,documents,notes,email and more.ios 9 advances security by strengthening the passcode that protects our devices,and by making it harder for others to intrude our personal information.These new features are easy for us to use but theymake it much harder for anyone else to access our personal information.

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