Will 2016 be crucial for Facebook??

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Last two years, smartphones have become quite smart.Telecom networks are connected to the smartphone, they know a lot about you.
They know that who you are on the website, which prefer to use the app and who your friends are. So the app on your smartphone to find a place that your company can become a huge brand.
In a world of change in your online life than Google in 2016 on a company's Facebook, he will look for all.
The world's largest social networking company now has achieved a similar status.
Image result for zuckerbergSo Facebook will look to people on other products. In addition to its social networking site, Facebook, Instagram photo sharing platform runs.

Facebook Messenger in April 2015, it allowed people to download it separately. WhatsApp messaging service is larger than any other in the world.
Rift virtual reality company Okyuls gaming and video in 2016 is emerging as a big name in the field.
Image result for whatsappSo far, Facebook users around the world would like to know all your new product leads to.
About 100 million people worldwide now use WhatsApp.
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